Quit Smoking: 14 Ways That Really Work

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Tobacco is notoriously addictive, as addictive as heroin. No wonder many smokers quit trying to quit. But here’s a secret: The more you try to quit, the greater your chances that you will quit for good.

The key: Finding a quit method that works for you. To help you, we’ve gathered the newest, best and most effective stop-smoking tools from our Bottom Line experts.

Quit Smoking (and Other Harmful Habits) with the Five “Ds”
Five easy-to-remember stop-smoking techniques—from a quit-smoking expert who was himself a smoker and used these tips to stop.


Kick Bad Habits in Four Simple Steps
How you can apply the secret behind Alcoholics Anonymous and similar programs to giving up any bad habit, including cigarettes.

Save a Life—By Helping a Smoker Quit
For discouraged smokers who want to quit but can’t, these research-backed strategies—including a surprising one that seems counterintuitive—are just what you need.

Why It’s Harder for Some Smokers to Quit Than Others
How to deal with dependence, motivation and other factors, so that your next attempt to quit is your last.

What Smoking Does to Your Skin
We’re not talking about wrinkles—although smoking causes those too—but a disfiguring danger to your skin. Learn what it is…

E-Cigarettes Are Toxic Too
E-cigarettes are not as health-damaging as the real kind, but they’re not harm-free. Learn what you’re inhaling when you vape…


Are E-Cigarettes Ever a Good Idea?
If other quit methods don’t work for you, e-cigarettes might be worth a try, argues one Columbia University public health expert.

9/11 Continues to Claim Lives…Because Stressed Former Smokers Lit Up Again
This underappreciated health danger from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, affects more than one million Americans. If you’re one of them, here’s what you need to do…

A Health Coach: Your Key to Long-Lasting Wellness
If you’ve tried and failed to give up cigarettes, this one-on-one, step-by-step support can increase your odds of succeeding—permanently.

Special Tonic for Ex-Smokers
Just gave up smoking? Stir up this elixir that reduces nicotine withdrawal—it’s made with just two surprising ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

How Former Heavy Drinkers and Smokers Can Protect Their Health Today
You gave up smoking—congratulations! Now rebuild your health with seven supplements that help repair your heart, bones, teeth, nervous system and liver.


Apps That Boost Your Health
A free app from the Livestrong Foundation tailors your stop-smoking program to your personal needs—includes motivational tips, progress tables and other features that will keep you on track.

How Not to Let Chronic Lung Disease Sneak Up on You
Most people with COPD don’t catch it early enough to avoid irreversible lung damage. Learn what critical early symptom is often ignored and the test you need to ask for…

Lifesaving Screening for Ex-Smokers
Whether you smoke now or gave it up years ago, you need to know about an important screening test. It’s painless, noninvasive—and significantly reduces your odds of dying from lung cancer. Learn what it is…

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