How Important is it to Back Up the Files on My Personal Computer?

Date: January 03,2012      Publication: Bottom Line Tomorrow      Source: Patricia  Robison      Print:

Q: How important is it to back up the files on my personal computer?

A: Yes, you should back up the files on your personal computer. This becomes more vital as you save ever more important financial information (tax returns, bank statements) and personal documents (photos, music) on your computer. Store backup away from home, so any incident that damages your computer won’t damage the backups, too.

Best: Many online services will back up information over an Internet connection (several for free). To learn how they work and for a review of 17 leading services, go to the PCWorld Web site ( and enter “store it on the Web” in the search box.

Source: Patricia Robison, president, Computing Independence, Box 2031, New York City 10011.