How to Make a Bruise Go Away Faster

HouseHold Magic
July 26, 2011
Bottom Line's Household Magic
Joan Wilen & Lydia Wilen

Tomorrow’s forecast calls for a beautiful spring day—perfect to go sleeveless—but you have that unsightly arm bruise! What to do: Spread a thin layer of blackstrap molasses on a piece of brown paper (grocery bag) and apply the molasses side to the bruise. Then bind it in place with medical tape and leave it there for a few hours. Your skin color should go from black and blue to looking much more normal—maybe even free and clear!

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Source: Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen are health investigators based in New York City who have spent decades collecting "cures from the cupboard." They are authors of Bottom Line's Treasury of Home Remedies & Natural Cures and Bottom Line's Household Magic. They are authors of the free e-letter Household Magic Daily Tips

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