Soothing Arthritis Treatment…Wacky, But It Works!

Would you like to try a natural topical soother for occasional arthritis flares? Here’s a recipe… Grate three tablespoons of fresh horseradish root (or three tablespoons of the best jarred you can find), and stir it into one-half cup of boiled milk. Pour the mixture onto two layers of cheesecloth, enough to cover the painful […]

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Feed Your Trees Potatoes This Memorial Day

This is a good day to plant a tree. You don’t want to wait till mid or late summer, since intense heat can stress the young sapling. Baby trees need some TLC! Here’s what to do after you find a spot… Any young tree that you’re going to plant will need all the help it […]

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Quick Trick to Get Rid of Garlicky Hands

If your hands smell like garlic or onion, we’ve got a hint that works like magic! Take a piece of flatware—any metal spoon, dull knife or fork will do. Pretend it’s a bar of soap, and wash your hands with it under cold water. No special kind of metal needed! And you can go back […]

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Natural Bruise Cure

Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark. Not the best timing to get a bruise just at the outset of short-sleeve season. Here’s what to do… Before you go to bed, soak a washcloth in a mixture made from equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. Wring out the cloth, and wrap it around the […]

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Protect Your Delicate Teapots

Every thrift shop has china teapots with chipped spouts. If you have some pretty pots whose spouts you’d like to keep pristine, here’s what to do… Prevent your teapot from chipping by keeping a toilet paper tube over the spout, especially in storage or during a household move. You can also cut the thumb off […]

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Natural Way to Keep Mice Away (It’s Not a Cat)

The warm weather brings out little beasts who love to romp, which is fine…but not in your house! Here’s a natural mouse repellent… Mice hate the smell of peppermint. Put a few drops of oil of peppermint (available at health-food stores) on cotton balls, and place them wherever you think a mouse has visited or […]

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Why You Should Hide Your Spaghetti

Why don’t spaghetti boxes close on their own without having to be taped shut? And plastic Tupperware pasta holders are not good alternatives. Here’s why (and what you can do instead)… Do not put uncooked pasta in see-through (glass or plastic, like Tupperware) containers. Exposure to light contributes to the breakdown of the vitamin content […]

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What to Do with Toilet Paper Tubes

The smartest way to recycle wire hangers. Watch now. Did you just iron your beautiful silk blouse or linen jacket and have no padded hangers to spare? Don’t despair! Take a cardboard tube (from a roll of paper towels, plastic wrap, foil or gift wrap), and cut a slit all the way across lengthwise. Cut […]

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Cheaper Than a Swiffer

Sure, you could buy a fancy long tool made specifically to remove the cobwebs from the corners of your rooms, but here are some other tools to use that’ll cost you nothing. Cover a broomstick handle with a sock, and secure the sock opening to the handle with some duct or masking tape. You could […]

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Make Your Own Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff may be caused by an overgrowth of yeast on the scalp. Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that can neutralize that yeast, doing away with the dandruff. But it can be harsh, so here’s how to use it… Add five drops of tea tree oil (available at health-food stores) to your regular amount of […]

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