Our Spring-Cleaning Tricks

Forget the lists…forget the prefab shelving…forget the “one drawer at a time.” If you have been bitten by the spring-cleaning bug, we challenge you to do this… Take a day, any day. It could be a Saturday, Sunday, vacation-day Friday…and start at the very top of your home. Investigate every corner, closet, book shelf and […]

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An End to Split Ends

If you just got your hair to the length you want but split ends are plaguing your efforts, do this… Before going to bed, apply a coat of olive oil to the bottom two or three inches of your hair, and put on a shower cap. Leave it on overnight, and shampoo as usual the […]

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De-Flour Your Kitchen

Lots of times all you need is a little flour to dust a countertop for kneading or to coat a breast of chicken. Instead of lugging out a big bag or canister, here’s what to do. Get a large salt shaker like this or cheese shaker like this  or a large, clean spice container. Fill it […]

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How to Garden with Allergies

It’s the heart of allergy season and it seems the sneezing gets worse every year, but a person has got to garden! Here’s what to do… If you suffer from allergies, it’s actually better to garden on damp and rainy days (when pollen is washed off plants)…and in the evening (when pollen counts are lowest), […]

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You’re Wearing the Wrong Shoes

If you prefer pretty shoes, you’re probably wearing the wrong size, which can cause huge amounts of physical problems. Watch here how to make sure you get the right footwear that looks and fits great for you.

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Best-Smelling Sheets Ever

Ahhh…do you want sweet dreams inspired by lovely smells from your bed linen? There are all kinds of fabric softener varieties that tout great scents, but maybe you just haven’t found a favorite…or you just don’t feel like buying this special laundry item. No problem! Use another favorite household relaxer. To enjoy a special sensory […]

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Mystery-Stain Remover

It’s hard to tell where some carpet stains came from. It could be an old soda spill hidden by furniture or dirt from winters past. If you’ve just done some rearranging and need an all-purpose mystery-stain cleaner, here’s what to do… Combine one-quarter cup of laundry detergent (the kind with color-safe bleach is best, even […]

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Musician’s Lung Secret

With Leonard Nimoy’s recent passing, we’ve been reminded of the extensive damage lung disease (usually caused by smoking!) can do. Here’s something to help build up your lungs without harmful drugs. This remedy requires an investment of a little bit of money and some time. But if you want to increase your lung power and […]

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This Packing Material Is for the Birds

Do you need to mail something long distance that needs a little gentle cushion and there’s no newspaper in sight? Here’s a packing filler that’s really for the birds. When packing a box to mail, use nonbuttered air-popped popcorn to fill in spaces. It’s inexpensive, weighs practically nothing, is supremely biodegradable (great for the environment) […]

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Get Paid to Celebrate and Other Cool Jobs

{“video”:”http://youtu.be/sQ3pkACdX84″,”width”:”560″,”height”:”315″} Are you feeling ready for a change? Watch here three ways to work and really love what you’re doing.  

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