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Vitamin D Fights Cancer

Mitchell Gaynor, MD, Weill Cornell Medical College

The only way to accurately determine if you have a low level of vitamin D is to test your blood.

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Global warming disasters

5 Myths About Homeowner’s Insurance

J. Robert Hunter, Consumer Federation of America

Many people are mistaken about their rights when dealing with insurers and are unaware of gaps in their coverage, some of which could cause financial ruin.

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Dollar banknote in a paper shredder portays  decreasing value of

My Worst Money Mistake: 6 Financial Experts Fess Up

Curtis Arnold, CardRatings.com; Allan S. Roth, CFP, CPA, Wealth Logic, LLC; Herbert E. Nass, Esq.; Charles B. Inlander; Edgar Dworsky, ConsumerWorld.org; Edward Mendlowitz, CPA, WithumSmith+Brown

Bottom Line/Personal asked six money mavens to recall some of their most painful mistakes with their own finances and what ­can be learned.

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Heard By Our Editors

4 Common Interview Mistakes

Interview mistakes and what to do instead. Failing to explain your previous work clearly—show what benefits you provided to your previous company...

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Nearly 8 Million Americans Don’t Know They Have Diabetes

Nearly 8 million Americans don’t know they have diabetes. Three in 10 people with diabetes aren’t ­diagnosed, even though they may have seen a...

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