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The Clean-Credit Scam

John Ulzheimer, CreditSesame.com

It sounds like a tempting offer—hide your credit problems by obtaining a credit-privacy number (CPN) to replace your Social Security number and use it when you are applying for credit. But CPNs, which are also called ­credit-protection numbers or credit-­profile numbers, are always a scam.

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Beautiful Rose

How to Grow Beautiful Roses

Teri Dunn Chace

Roses are the divas of the gardening world—or so it seems. But growing these beauties actually is a lot less work than most people think.

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Heard By Our Editors

New Treatment For Tinnitus

New treatment for tinnitus, reports Jay F. Piccirillo, MD, FACS. In a small pilot study, patients did computer-based exercises focused on improving...

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Dogs May Help Protect Babies Against Allergies and Asthma

Dogs may help protect babies against allergies and asthma. When mice were exposed to dust from households with dogs that were allowed outdoors, the...

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